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Titanium scrap

We are buyers of titanium scrap for our ferro titanium production:

Alloyed titanium

We mainly require Grade 5 (90/6/4) or similar alloys with low Sn.

Other alloys or mixed alloys and impurities to be agreed upon.

We buy in the form of turnings or solid scrap.

C.P. titanium

Ti 99 % min.
We buy in the form of turnings or solid scrap.

Forms of scrap

Turnings to be of medium to heavy size and free of bismuth or contaminants.

Solids to be clean and preferably in maximum size of 30 x 45 cm and weight of 25 kg per piece.
We can also accept both light or heavy material but processing cost for preparation apply on case by case.

In general all scrap is to be free of rubber, plastic, dirt and contaminants harmful for steel.

Low grade titanium sponge

We can buy Ti 75-80% min material depending on impurities.

We require lumps with a minimum of fines.


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