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Metraco is a ferro alloys and non-ferrous metal trading group of companies established in 1993 with offices in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

SEQUOIA and FE MOTTRAM are sister companies which integrate vertically with sourcing of scrap, preparation and production as well as providing optimal logistical and commercial solutions.

Ferro Alloys

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Quality and reach

ISO 9001
Since 2004 METRACO is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas Certification for the import, export and distribution of ferro alloys & metals.
Both METRACO and SEQUOIA Trading are now fully certified under ISO 9001: 2015.

Our quality management system is continuously evaluated and improved in order to be able to guarantee the highest levels of quality and service to our customers.

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METRACO is REACH compliant for following products:

  • titanium registration n° 01‐2119484878‐14‐0007
  • iron registration n° 01‐2119462838‐24‐0075
  • manganese registration n° 01‐2119449803‐34‐0037
  • vanadium registration n° 01-2119537418-34-0038
  • chromium registration n° 01-2119485652-31-0161
  • cobalt registration n° 01-2119517392-44-0079
  • molybdenum registration n° 01-2119472304-43-0094
  • tungsten registration n° 01-2119488910-30-0062


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Mr Olivier Esquenet -
Mr Hans Tanghe - titanium scrap & ferro titanium sales FE Mottram -
Mr Claus Schwertner - titanium, manganese & nitrided products -

Mrs Els Cosaert - office & planning manager -
Mr Pieter Planckaert - traffic titanium -
Mrs Petra Dewachter - traffic manganese -
Mrs Inge Debo - traffic various -

Mr Erwin Debaere - CFO -
Mrs Sabrina Ampe - accounting -
Mr Kenneth Malfait - accounting -
Mr Alexander Goethals - accounting -
Mr Louis Dever - finance -